Friday, January 15, 2010

The right college for me

When I was selecting the right college for me I chose Hotelschool The Hague because it offers me valuable experience and study in hospitality management. It can also help me build up my horizon and have options open to so many branches in management, business, and hospitality industry. I want to study and later work in that industry because I believe I will excel in it. I am an outgoing person who loves to communicate and be around people. That is why I want to work in a hotel where I will constantly meet new people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. On the other hand, I am also organized and punctuate and I believe these are qualities that will be valuable in managing a hotel. Actually I am aiming at the exact position of managing events and monitoring people. This is a skill I developed through the years by constantly participating in the organization of trips, excursions, and this year, the senior prom. I am content when I am dealing with the organization of events and I want to make people around me happy with the final arrangements.

Another reason, why I am attracted to The Hotelschool is the fact that it makes the education interesting, dynamic, and diverse. As I was looking at the curriculum, modules, and ways of teaching I taught how I would never get bored in that school. I also think the two internships are extremely valuable and essential in majoring and completely understanding hotel management. These work placements are also important in the sense that a person puts into action what he has been taught through his learning process. It is helpful because a person could really get an insight into the hospitality sphere and see for himself whether or not it is suitable for him even before graduation. Finally, this brings me to the idea that the Hotelschool not only offers education in hotel management but also in the basics of the business studies, which as we all know are essential knowledge these days. This is why I believe The Hotelschool is perfect for me.

I want to go to the Netherlands because I found it a fascinating country with its nature and culture. I think I would feel comforted to life and study there. I am specifically attracted by the Hotelschool of Hague because it includes the exact major I want to study and offers me diverse ways to train, learn, and practice. I am specifically impressed by the two six-month working experiences. In future I would like to focus more thoroughly on managing events in the business world and I believe the school and my personal qualities are going to provide me a good start in that field.

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