Friday, January 15, 2010

A common problem ... :)

When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems?

During the process of education students sometimes have to change schools and adapt to the new environment. This is hard for some students and easy for others. I believe that schools, teachers, and staff there can help the new students get used to the methods of education, the setting, and the people there.
In order for a person to feel comfortable in a new school, the school itself must be a nice place where students are priority. A new student might feel lonely because he has no acquaintances or unsettling because he is in a new environment. The school’s job in problems like this is to make the kid feel in place: having a lot of clubs and after-school activities. That way a person has the chance to communicate with others not only in classes. The idea of the club activities is to also find people with similar interests and the more opportunities a school offers the more people can socialize.
Another problem that a student in a new school might face could be the new teachers and their methods of tutoring. This could be a huge problem for some people because the teacher is a very important figure in students’ life. The school can help in this situation by appointing very capable personnel. Teachers can also help a new kid at school by offering him help outside of class and showing that they care. That is how a student will feel more secure in his learning environment.
In conclusion, changing schools is a normal event in the life of every student. Schools can help a lot to make this process easier. Creating a comfortable environment, having sophisticated employees, and helping students socialize are only a small part of the ways to make a student feel safe and relaxed in a new school.

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