Friday, January 15, 2010


During the process of creating an electronic portfolio I had fun. Writing on different topics is a pleasure to me so I didn't have any trouble doing it. I actually think some of the problems and ideas I discussed in my portfolio are common to many people and are interesting.
I think the portfolios are also a nice way to get to know the other students better trough their writing and creative thinking. I know well a lot of the people in my class but still it was intriguing to look at their portfolios and see their point of view on different topics and what interests and excites them.
I also enjoyed the correspondence with the children from Kentucky. The girl I am communicating with is enthusiastic about the blog as well and we realized we had a lot in common. I am sorry that the whole idea of communication between our whole class and the one in Kentucky didn’t work out for all of the students as it did for me because my new acquaintance was interesting.
As an overall activity I think the electronic portfolio was a very good idea. It not only helped students develop our writing skills and our creative thinking but it was also a pleasant assignment that did not exhaust us: we had fun doing it instead.

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