Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If you could ask a famous person one question, what would you ask? Why?

All of our lives we watch television, listen to music, go to the movies or concerts and all these times we watch the work of famous people, of people who we know as characters from a movie, as a musicians, or as the ones that report the news for us. If I met a popular person I would ask them how they feel about the fact that people always perceive them as the ones they appear on the media rather than as normal human beings.

I would be interested to know the answer of that question because I wonder how famous people shape as unique personalities. After all, a famous person always plays some role in front of public and he/ she is popular with that role. For instance, as I think of Johnny Dep I think of him as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean not as Johnny Dep the real person. This makes me wonder if somewhere along the way these famous people have actually become the ones they pretend to be. This logic brings me to the question I would asks a famous person if I meet one: how they preserve their own personality and exactly how much does their appearance on the media influence their own lives.

Certainly, a famous person has his own character with his own opinion, likes, dislikes, joys, and fears. However, I wonder how he manages to lead a separate, personal life when people constantly refer to him as the actor, singer, or maybe the tennis player. I wonder how he ignores all the attention form journalists, reporters, fens, etc. who constantly meddle in his life. I think it must be really hard to know that people judge you not for what your personality is but for what you work or for what you appear to be in public. That is why I would be very interested to know how famous people feel about that aspect of their lives: with their privacy and personalities often taken away.

In other words, if I met a famous person I would ask him how he manages to keep who he is in his hearth and still pretend to be someone else in public. I think this would be a difficult question for him to answer and for me to perceive.


  1. Really good...i've never really thought of it that way....toward the bottom of the second paragraph you say "you" alot. I understand that you want the audience to feel what the celebrities feel but calling out to them put them on the defensive. Try to use other words. Also you say I think and feel alot. You should it in a factual tone. exmaple- I think victoria is a cool girl.(who am I? why does my opinion matter i'm just a high school student)...Victoria is a nice girl. Its a fact. if you word it like that people will be more inclined to listen.......i'm sorry if you feel lik i'm critizing you. i'm not sure if you're cool with me puttin in my input. I'm just trying to help out. Well talk to you soon love.....xoxoxoxo

  2. o yeah...by the way...when i put work up there...i would love for you to comment on mine....i make tons of mistakes and i need to be told lol.....ok now im done lol see ya :)